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Barre Kickboxing in Gainesville

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Join Us For Barre Kickboxing Classes Like No Other

Looking for a low-impact, but not low intensity workout? Our Barre Kickboxing class combines the toning and flexibility training of barre with high-intensity cardio of kickboxing.

This class helps you engage muscles you may not normally target -- ones deep inside your body that squats, lunges, and sit ups don’t reach. With high reps and low impact movements, Barre Kickboxing challenges you to fine-tune your body, no ballet or kickboxing experience required.

With Barre Kickboxing, you have three different class styles to choose from:

  • Alpha, our private training, provides you with one on one focus
  • Elite, our small group training, gives you the best of both worlds with individual focus while enjoying the motivation of the group
  • Squad, our group fitness class, creates a space for community and accountability to keep you on track for your goals

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Change Your Life With Barre Kickboxing!

Barre Kickboxing classes offer a host of benefits, from helping you improve mobility to helping you reduce pain through our combination of Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and Kickboxing movements. Get started with your training and see for yourself the big impact that barre kickboxing classes can have on your life!

Through our Barre Kickboxing classes, you'll gain:

  • Core strength to improve your posture
  • Flexibility and mobility throughout your body
  • Full-body lean muscle training
  • Positive accountability from our community

Our team at Ring Ready Fitness is committed to helping you get results. That's why our fitness kickboxing classes are designed with scalable, effective workouts -- so that no matter whether it's your first time training or your thousandth, you'll still enjoy a great workout at Gainesville's ultimate fitness destination.

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If you're tired of hitting the gym solo and struggling to get results, our fitness kickboxing classes will help you cut through the noise and get a workout that works as hard as you do. Get the motivation and accountability that comes with working out alongside other dedicated people from across Gainesville and start seeing the results you crave!

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